We're not afraid to ask
"what if" and "why not"

We know what it's like to be that scrappy business just starting out. Fast, lean, nimble, innovative. And we've succeeded in a business where others often fail. That's why many S&A clients work with us for decades.

Strong individuals are stronger together

The sum of our unique interests combined with individual expertise is what makes S&A a strategic and creative powerhouse. We're business leaders. Creative thinkers. Bright minds who bring varied perspectives and inspiration to the table.

Chuck Stephens
Brenda Andresen
Chief Strategy Officer
Patrick Sweet
Chief Financial Officer

Teams that connect business needs with creative solutions

Client Service

Our client service commitment: Cultivating rock-solid partnerships built on deep expertise and clear, thoughtful communication. We’re problem-solvers who delve deep into the unique influences of a brand’s industry, product category, people and history to understand the challenges and generate the best possible solutions. By thinking both big and small, we deliver impactful strategies that are executed within real timelines and budgets.

Content & PR

It’s more than words. Our content specialists help brands share valuable, persuasive and (yes) entertaining information that will educate and engage target audiences. With a passion for storytelling, we go beyond the obvious to uncover the compelling. From public relations to digital, social, print and everything in between, content is more than king at S&A; it’s the cornerstone to our unique Brand Whispering® approach.

Creative Services

The marketing world is noisy and cluttered. That’s why we channel our exuberant imaginations and honed skills into crafting breakthrough creative that cannot be ignored. Always nimble, we adapt to provide creative executions that provide new ways to meet a brand’s needs. With a solid foundation in traditional design, we stay ahead of emerging technologies in the digital space to push brands—and ourselves—forward.

Our S&A values

To drive your business and brand, we live and work by these core values.


Trust must be built over time and can be lost in an instant. We seek to build it every day. With each other. With our clients. With our business partners.


What you say matters. When you say it matters more. How you say it matters most. But listening is always the first step toward respect.


We take everything to the extreme. We become experts in our clients’ businesses. We care deeply about each other, our work and our clients.


We believe in holding ourselves accountable. To our mission. To each other. To our clients’ businesses.

Join Us

Are you a Brand Whisperer?

We’re always looking for talented, passionate individuals to join our team. If that’s you, give us a shout
(or a whisper, if you prefer).

Do take our word for it

If you want to get to know someone, start a conversation. So we did. Here’s why our team loves S&A, in their own words. Give their comments a read to get to know the heart of S&A: our people.

“Our work is cultivated in an atmosphere of collaboration and respect. We take nothing for granted and question everything, immersing ourselves in the client’s business as our own.”

Chuck Stephens

Chuck Stephens

“I’ve always loved that S&A holds the unique and lasting position as one of the only agencies built on and committed to animal health.”

Rob Hink

Rob Hink
Senior Content Specialist

“I’ve always loved that S&A holds the unique and lasting position as one of the only agencies built on and committed to animal health.”

Donna Stone

Donna Stone
Senior Content Specialist

“There is so much to love about S&A—from the amazing people, collaboration and teamwork to the inspired creativity and work/life balance.”
Anne Belcher

Anne Belcher
Project Manager

“I’ve always felt like S&A is this hidden gem in the ad agency world. Every day I’m blown away by the commitment of our team and the impact we make doing meaningful work for people and animals!”

Susan Wright

Susan Wright
Group Director, Content & PR