We're not afraid to ask
"what if" and "why not"

We know what it's like to be that scrappy business just starting out. Fast, lean, nimble, innovative. And we've succeeded in a business where others often fail. That's why many S&A clients work with us for decades.

40 years of building brands

Since the 1980s, our Kansas City-area marketing agency has supported world-class brands that have made lasting contributions in a broad variety of industries. Watch this retrospective of the moments that make us who we are today.

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Strong individuals are stronger together

The sum of our unique interests combined with individual expertise is what makes S&A a strategic and creative powerhouse. We're business leaders. Creative thinkers. Bright minds who bring varied perspectives and inspiration to the table.

Chuck Stephens
Brenda Andresen
Chief Strategy Officer
Patrick Sweet
Chief Financial Officer
Brand Whispering

The principles of Brand Whispering

Brand Whispering™ delivers a clear and focused strategy founded on a deep understanding of what's valuable to your customers. This unique process creates a strong platform for sustainable loyalty and business growth so you can forge ahead with confidence that your brand will stand out from the competition.

Across multiple categories, diverse target audiences and ever-changing communication channels, we leverage psychology and creativity to create meaningful, enduring, connections between consumers and brands.

Our S&A values

To drive your business and brand, we live and work by these core values.


Trust must be built over time and can be lost in an instant. We seek to build it every day. With each other. With our clients. With our business partners.


What you say matters. When you say it matters more. How you say it matters most. But listening is always the first step toward respect.


We take everything to the extreme. We become experts in our clients’ businesses. We care deeply about each other, our work and our clients.


We believe in holding ourselves accountable. To our mission. To each other. To our clients’ businesses.