We do what we love

Across four decades and counting, we've connected the hearts and minds of consumers to create brand relationships that are sustainable, substantial and profitable.


Time to call in the experts

(That’s us.) We’ve honed our skills in these six areas to deliver strong strategic thinking and solid creative that builds a relationship between your brand and your customers. Whether you’re a fresh startup or an established company, we have the expertise to take your brand to the next level.

Brand Strategy &
Creative Concepts

We offer a full suite of skills, including B2B, B2C and B2B2C concept and campaign development, audience personas, product packaging and more.

Public Relations &

Generating media coverage around news is like a great first date. We set you up for that, plus nurture lasting relationships with a steady flow of meaningful content.

Market Research &

The best ideas often come from new insights, which we discover through quantitative and qualitative research, concept testing, confab groups, audience segmentation and more.

Digital & Innovation

We weave digital communications into your overall strategy, focusing on website creation, SEO/SEM, analytics, email, social media and emerging technologies.

Category Development

Building the market around an idea takes guts and perseverance. We have both, along with know-how in market sizing, brand identity and demand generation.

Experiential Marketing

For both virtual and in-person events, we give customers a true sense of your brand through booth design, interactive displays, traffic drivers and more.

We listen to your customers and to you

Our team applies the right pressure to push your audience to act – and push your brand to grow.

The principles of Brand Whispering®

Brand Whispering® delivers a clear and focused strategy founded on a deep understanding of what's valuable to your customers. This unique process creates a strong platform for sustainable loyalty and business growth so you can forge ahead with confidence that your brand will stand out from the competition.

Across multiple categories, diverse target audiences and ever-changing communication channels, we leverage psychology and creativity to create meaningful, enduring, connections between consumers and brands.

We build relationships between brands & people

Timeless bands transcend the moment to become part of the fabric of their customers' lives.

Over 40 years of building brands

Since the 1980s, our Kansas City-area marketing agency has supported world-class brands that have made lasting contributions in a broad variety of industries. Watch this retrospective of the moments that make us who we are today.

Transforming convention into invention

Business and marketing are based on foundational trends. We peek between the cracks of those ideas to find the unexpected. Join us in the search.

Partnerships are part of our DNA

Our team members share a passion for advancing the health and well-being of people and animals. We partner with like-minded national and local nonprofit organizations to create meaningful work that reflects the heart of S&A. 

BioKansas the Bioscience Network in Kansas
NAVC veterinary e-commerce summit
KC Animal Health Corridor
Morris Animal Foundation is a nonprofit organization that invests in science to advance animal health
Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts in Kansas City
Overland Park Chamber
Human Animal Bond Association