We build relationships between brands & people

Timeless brands transcend the moment to become part of the fabric of their customers' lives.
We know this because we've built these brands.

We are The Brand Whisperers®

Across four decades and counting, our Kansas City-based marketing agency has put our unique Brand Whispering philosophy to work creating connected, meaningful experiences.

Brand Whispering is a nimble approach that enables us to listen, understand, respond and deliver strategic, creative solutions that work. It's a flexible, fresh way to view challenges and opportunities.

Making a difference, not just things

Our expertise is in animal health, financial services and health & beauty, but the principles of Brand Whispering allow us to unlock the potential in any brand. The sum of our team's individual expertise means we partner with you to reveal the heart of your brand regardless of the audience or industry.

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Animal Health

Dogs, cats, horses. They're more than just animals.

With a special focus in the companion animal and equine markets, we create DTC and B2B marketing strategies for pharmaceutical companies and start-ups that protect and celebrate animals.

Financial Services
Financial Services

Payment options that fit the bill and the budget.

Financial resources serve individuals as well as the healthcare providers and retailers who offer them. Our advertising weaves an ecosystem of financial support that fuels healthier people and businesses.

Lavendar Flowers for Health and Beauty
Health & Beauty

Feeling good looks good. And it pays. 

From FDA-regulated pharmaceuticals to healthcare systems to beauty solutions, we connect providers and people through scientific content that's accurate, friendly and consumable. 

Let's Talk

Connections that lead to a lifetime of loyalty

Distinctive brands are built on sustainable, substantial and profitable customer relationships. We'll deliver a clear and consistent strategy founded on what your customers value.

Bourbon with Brenda

Listening is part of leading. That's why S&A Chief Strategy Officer Brenda Andresen raises trendy topics (and a glass) with the dreamers, doers and difference-makers who inspire the future of business.