On parasitology and personal growth: A conversation with Chris Carpenter

Brenda Andresen


In the latest episode of Bourbon with Brenda, host Brenda Andresen welcomes her longtime friend Chris Carpenter, DVM, MBA, executive director of the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC).

Dive into a lively discussion as these two explore Chris’s unique journey through the veterinary industry and how a “pharmaceutical marketing guy” came to hold a pivotal role at CAPC. Here’s just some of what you’ll find:

  • Chris Carpenter’s journey: From a stint in human health to rediscovering his passion for veterinary medicine, Chris shares his unusual professional path and the personal insights that guided his career decisions.
  • Innovations in parasite control: Find out how interdisciplinary collaborations have revolutionized parasite control, blending parasitology with cutting-edge data analysis.
  • The power of data in veterinary practice: Learn how localized data has transformed pet care, making it possible for veterinarians to provide targeted advice based on specific regional health risks.

This podcast-style video is not just a reflection on personal and professional growth but also a deep dive into the forces shaping the trajectory of animal health. Click play to join Brenda and Chris for a journey through challenges, transformations and the passionate pursuit of veterinary excellence.

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