4 e-commerce trends for pet retail from NAVC

by Brenda Andresen

E-commerce trends for the changing pet retail market

Technology is changing the pet retail landscape. You already know this.

What may be less obvious is how marketers in the animal health industry can navigate the changes to not only improve results but also benefit customers. Always on the lookout for leading ideas, we gleaned some important insights from the 2019 NAVC E-Commerce Summit. (Stephens & Associates was a proud sponsor of the summit.) Here are a few of his key takeaways.

  1. From the outside in. The animal health industry can benefit greatly by looking outside to other industries to see what sorts of technologies are shaping the future for consumer engagement.
  2. In retail, time is money. Consumers don’t just expect a smart, easy experience; they demand it. Time is a valuable currency and consumers will pay a premium to gain time back in their day. We must allow digital tools to help change the consumer experiences we’re delivering.
  3. Meet consumers where they are. The lines between online search and commerce will blur. Serving consumers relevant offers and timely messages in the middle of their engagement is the path of least resistance for marketers, plus a huge value to the shopper.
  4. Reality of artificial intelligence. AI is changing the way business gets done. It’s not replacing the human touch but rather enabling more efficient use of our expertise. We can convert more of our customers by using AI to enable consumers to directly relate commerce and voice interactions.
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