5 tips for building an email marketing roadmap during a crisis

by Lauren Waters

Slow down, have a plan before communicating

Whether it’s a global disaster or a community-shaking event, news during a crisis can fly at the speed of a Tweet and the situation can change by the hour. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re not just adding to the noise. This doesn’t mean you have to go dark; in fact, the opposite is true.

During difficult times, it’s essential to slow down, pause and reflect. Being deliberate and having a plan before sending out any communication will ensure your message is relevant, helpful and timely.

Here are five tips for tweaking your email marketing during an unprecedented shake-up

  1. Understand we’re all in this together. This is a chance to be empathetic and really understand your audience’s frame of mind. It’s probably close to your own.
  2. Make your audience feel heard. Everyone is feeling insecure and vulnerable. They’ll appreciate consistency and stability. Monitor customer service & social media and try to address their concerns at a high level with a thoughtful email.
  3. Clear communication is essential. Show that you’re taking it seriously through the tone of communication. Review automated sends to ensure they’re not insensitive. Focus on language of togetherness.
  4. Be sensitive to the situation. Think about how you’d feel if someone asked you to buy something expensive during a time of financial instability. Don’t capitalize on fear. Dial back urgency messaging.
  5. Only send something if it makes sense. Be specific and outline how you’re addressing the crisis for your business and audience. Figure out if your product can be relevant and offer it in a way that’s helpful to people.
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