Supporting MentorVet to support veterinary professionals

by S&A Staff


Being entrenched in the animal health industry means we not only see its triumphs but also the challenges faced by certain segments. What’s more, we get the honor of connecting with people who are equally passionate about positively addressing these challenges. This is how we came to partner with MentorVet.  

Veterinarians and veterinary technicians work demanding jobs. Data shows again and again that the demands are taking a toll. When we learned about MentorVet and spoke with founder Addie Reinhard, DVM, MS, it was clear the program was vitally important to help veterinarians and technicians overcome burnout and regain well-being.  

The making of MentorVet 

MentorVet is an evidenced-based program that equips early-career professionals with resources to handle the day-to-day challenges of their jobs. Dr. Reinhard got the idea for MentorVet when she encountered the same experience as many of her peers—facing burnout and disillusionment within the first few years of practice. 

After mentors helped Dr. Reinhard through these challenges, she returned to school to study veterinary well-being. When she began searching for mental health statistics related to veterinary professionals, she realized there was little to no research on intervention or support. She went on to conduct her own extensive research and ultimately created MentorVet.  

Since its inception in 2021, MentorVet has helped over 500 early-career veterinary professionals collaborate with and gain support from seasoned professionals. MentorVet members get access to tools such as:

  • online learning opportunities 
  • financial coaching  
  • mental health coaching 
  • mentorship from a veterinarian trained in suicide prevention and emotional support 
  • additional resources that support veterinarians’ well-being. 

Two teams, a common goal 

Veterinary professionals deserve the same high level of care they give their patients. That is possible only when we all work together to prioritize their physical and emotional well-being. By providing MentorVet with marketing support, our S&A team is raising awareness of its powerful suite of resources. We hope doing so encourages others to get involved with MentorVet, sharing ideas, experiences and insights and propelling the profession forward.  

Partnering with MentorVet is one way we’re giving back to the industry that has given us so much. After all, we work to make a difference, not just things. Join us in making a difference by learning more about MentorVet and sharing its resources with all the veterinarians and veterinary technicians who are part of your animal health world.   


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