Brandpoint asked us for predictions. We thought “pets”—and still do

by Susan Wright

Marketing Predictions: what are the experts expecting

Pets are everywhere in marketing for companies selling everything from cars to insurance. Pets are the great connectors. (Delve into this so-called Pet Nation through a Bourbon with Brenda conversation with author Mark Cushing.)

Our specialty in pet- and equine-related marketing informs how we approach our other areas of expertise. Because just like pets, engaging content connects brands and customers—in any industry.

That’s one reason Brandpoint asked S&A to weigh in on what marketing holds for 2022. We’re a few months into the year, and our predictions are holding true. After all, no one can resist content that connects pets, people and brands.

Check out the other eight predictions from marketing experts and watch how things play out this year.

Susan Wright is group director of content & PR at Stephens & Associates.

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