Thriving in a time of chaos for the pet healthcare professional

by Brenda Andresen

Thriving in a time of chaos“Disruption” has been a general theme of the NAVC Media E-Commerce+ Summit over the past two years, but the coronavirus introduced a far more significant challenge, one for which the pet healthcare profession – and the world – was not prepared.

Layer this new threat to the profession’s well-being onto an era where consumer-driven change was already accelerating at an unprecedented pace and you have a recipe for chaos. Yet the profession has remained healthy. In fact, some sectors are thriving, due largely to the strength of the human-animal bond and the ability of veterinary practices to adapt.

The transformation of our profession will be challenging. The personal and financial stress that comes as a result of business agility is not insignificant. But it is sure to bring new opportunity to those willing to listen, learn and create the future.

Join me September 22 and 23 for the third annual NAVC E-Commerce Summit and learn from industry thought leaders who are bullish on the veterinary profession. The program is exceptional and includes insight into the Pet Nation that’s driving change as well as the innovative thinking of those rising to welcome that change.

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