What it feels like to work with an award-winning team

by Erin McCarthy

Vetty Awards 2022

As someone who played every sport under the sun growing up, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t a part of a team. Soccer, track, softball, basketball — you name it, I’ve probably played it.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my many years in sports, it’s that when one person on the team succeeds, the whole team succeeds.

So I am extremely proud to share in the achievement of the Stephens & Associates team taking home 19 wins at The Vetty Awards this year. S&A received the highest number of awards given to any organization (and 11 more than the next closest winner). We would not be receiving awards without our clients and partners giving us the amazing opportunity to submit work on their behalf, so winning this for them is what really knocks this out of the park.

To be honest, as someone new to the workforce I didn't even know you could win awards for marketing and advertising — let alone awards specific to the animal health industry. But after witnessing all our Vetty wins, I now realize I’m starting out in the big leagues, and I couldn’t be more honored to learn from and work with our award-winning team.

After being a part of S&A these past few months, I’ll say I’m not shocked that we are at the top of the creative services game; in fact, I somewhat expected it. We have all the pieces that make up a great team: camaraderie, communication and strong leadership.

Everything we do at S&A is a team effort, with everyone doing their best work while striving toward a common goal on any given project. No single person takes ownership of a campaign, article or idea. All our projects involve account service folks, art directors, content specialists and our leadership team working in tandem to strategize compelling work for our partners, while simultaneously imparting useful insights and wisdom to rookies like myself.

I haven’t been doing this for a long time, but I have already learned so much and know I will continue to learn and grow exponentially as a part of the S&A team. And I can’t wait to give everyone a run for their money (again) at The Vetty Awards next year.

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Erin McCarthy is a content specialist at Stephens & Associates.

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